It can feel fantastic to receive compliments for the items you make with simply a pair of needles and yarn. Maybe you’re someone who loves to gift homemade knitted items to your family and friends on special occasions. Maybe everyone just loves your handicrafts and they look forward to receiving their unique presents. Regardless of your skill level, if you love to knit and love the feeling of passing your crafts onto someone else, then you should consider putting your handiwork up for sale.

With the vast array of yarn options and colors available, there’s no limit to the items you can make. Just click here to see some of the yarn varieties you can easily order online. Pair up the easy access to any type of yarn with the readiness to make a small business out of your hobby and you’ll find that it’s simple to sell your handcrafted knitted works.

The Kind of Things You Can Make

Maybe you’re lucky and are already known for making a particular item that everyone loves. But even if you’re not stirring up envy among your friends and family with your expertly-made pieces, you can find a niche for yourself and your items. Consider what type of personalized items you’d like to make and think about if there’s a certain crowd you can target.

For instance, if you’re a fan of a particular fantasy series, then you could make items that appeal to other fans. Maybe you like to make decorative items and want to explore your creativity and work with customers by offering custom pieces. Or maybe you’d like to make practical household items for everyday use.

Here is just a short list of some popular items for online retail that can be knitted or crocheted:

  • Winter accessories (hats, scarves, mittens)
  • Clothing
  • Bags
  • Rugs
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Blankets
  • Dishcloths

Setting Up Shop

So how do you actually take your items and let the world know that they’re up for sale? Online marketplaces like make it easy to create an online store that anyone can access. This method requires a little bit of technical savvy, but with over 50% of millennials selling crafts online these days, you can become a part of this trend and grow your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you’d like a more hands-on approach to making connections with potential customers, then you can try a boots-on-the-ground approach and reserve tables and tents at community craft markets and fairs. This method could appeal to those who are wary of the online marketplace. If you go this route, still plan to do some digital work. You should build a social media presence, engage with other artisans, and promote your goods through a platform (Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest) that you and your potential customers use.

Have a good stockpile of supplies on hand as you start production. Make sure you have a workspace and personalize it to your taste. There doesn’t have to be much difference between knitting for pleasure and knitting for business. By making things that interest you, you can ensure you’ll stay motivated and that your passion will shine in the work you do. Good luck!