CBD Lotion

CBD products are in high demand, as a chemical compound found in cannabis like THC. While it doesn’t produce the same mind-altering effects as THC, there are a lot of good ways to use CBD products.

Using CBD as topicals, however, is also gaining popularity. 

CBD topical lotions and ointments are nothing out of the ordinary, but there are plenty of topical CBD products to try too. Are you looking for a new CBD topical to use? Check out our list of suggestions below.

What Is a CBD Topical? 

A CBD topical differs from CBD that you eat or ingest. A CBD topical can be many things, such as:

  • lotions
  • creams
  • gels
  • balms
  • oils

All of these CBD topicals make direct contact with your skin, so they’re designed to be skin-friendly. Any possible medicinal effects of CBD in theory are absorbed through the skin. They’re usually used to help alleviate pain or inflammation. 

1. Topical CBD Lotion

Topical CBD lotion is one of the more common CBD for skincare products. If your muscles are feeling sore, or if you’re finding you have dry skin, CBD lotion is just the thing to consider using. 

CBD lotions allow CBD to soak into the skin but not reach your bloodstream, so it truly is to relieve pain from dry skin or muscle soreness. 

2. CBD for Skincare

There are also topical CBD products for skincare. These vary from different creams to gels. 

If you suffer from acne or other skin blemishes, using CBD might help alleviate inflammation. In addition, CBD topicals for skincare can help moisturize your skin too. 

3. Topical CBD Oil

Topical CBD oil is a classic CBD product to use. Like CBD lotion, you can apply this to your skin if you’re experiencing pain or soreness to help alleviate it. 

Also similar to CBD lotion, what you apply on your skin will not enter your bloodstream. You can apply a little more CBD oil to make sure you receive the full pain-relieving benefits. 

4. CBD Ointment

CBD ointment, made with large amounts of oil, will also contain larger amounts of CBD than lotion would. A little goes a long way when using CBD ointment, but no matter how much you use, you won’t get high. 

CBD ointment is good for relieving any pain, soreness, or irritation. If you want to use something in less quantity, CBD ointment is a good pick! 

5. CBD Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is one of the more unique CBD topicals around. Yes, you can even use CBD lip balm like you would any other normal lip balm. 

Similar in feel to applying beeswax to your lips, CBD topical lip balm will both moisturize you and heal any open cuts on your lip. 

Try a New Type of CBD Topical Today

A CBD topical is a broad category referring to products like CBD lotion, oil, lip balm, and more. You can decide what products with CBD are best for you. 

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