As frustrating as it may be, there is always a very real possibility that your planning permission request could be refused by your local government This will mean that you have to go back to the drawing board and that you will have to tweak the design of the building or structure in order for you to get the planning permission which you need to start the project. Real estate expert Dino Tomassetti knows only too well just how frustrating this can be, yet he is also acutely aware that it is a necessary evil. We have been chatting to Dino about planning permission and the reasons why it may be refused, these are the most common reasons.


If you create a building or structure which is going  to block the view which your neighbors have or which is going to encroach on their privacy then they are well within their rights to complain to the local government about your plans. This is one of the most common reasons why planing permission can be denied, and it is something which you have to find a way to work around. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and if you have a design which interrupts that, you can expect to be denied.

Protected Space

There are a number of protections in place which may also result in you being refused planning permission. For example if you have a listed property then you are going to find it very difficult to get any permission which allows you to make changes. Another area of protection which you may run into is species, and if your build will be interrupting the eco-system near your building which impacts wildlife then you will also be rejected permission. There is a lot to consider before you to decide to seek planning permission for your build, and these protections are critical to bear in mind.

Green Credentials

Building regulations and the law around construction is ever-changing and in recent years we have seen many laws passed which means that certain materials can not be used on properties because of the danger which they pose to the planet. And so if your property hasn’t been designed in a way that meets with this criteria then you may also find that the permission request is denied. Always make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the rules are, and that you know just how to plan the property in a way which fits in with the green credentials which the property should have.

Out of Character

There are many towns and cities around the world which have certain areas which they like to be kept in the same style. If for example you are in a street which is built in a Georgian style and this is protected by the local government then that is how things will have to stay. This is something which you can easily find out before you design the new building.