Mental Health

The topic of mental well-being has been at the top of many agendas for a few years now and we have thankfully seen an incredible shift in attitudes with regards to it. This year however has been one which has tested us all to our core and mental health is something which we all must be incredibly conscious of. The brilliant Dr Cletus Georges has been speaking out about this in the last few days as the nation learned that lockdown would once again be kicking in. Dr Georges is an expert in this field and he has recently been sharing some great tips on how you can protect your mental wellbeing during this tough time. 


If you have never meditated before then there really is nothing to it and this simple, daily practice can significantly help to keep you mentally sharp and strong. All you have to do here is to sit down in a quiet space, sit comfortably and close your eyes, for the next 15 minutes you will simply be deep breathing, focusing of the movement of the body and the stillness of the mind. Just 15 minutes each day will help you to lower your anxiety levels and strengthen your stress coping mechanisms. 

Physical Health 

Our mental and our physical wellbeing are both incredibly important factors and they very much rely on one another. This is why it is essential that you pay just as much attention to your physical health as you do to your mental health because in doing so you will feel a great deal better about yourself Focussing on physical health means that you will feel stronger, more energetic and in turn this will boost confidence and leave your feeling much more positive about who and what you are. 

Setting Goals 

These are very strange times indeed and life as we knew it has been taken from us. It is essential however that we are actively taking steps to replace some of those feelings and emotions which we would usually have in our lives. This is why it is so essential that we set goals and work towards them, so that we can remove the possibility of having a feeling of hopelessness. This is a big danger and it is why setting manageable goals is a great option here. 

New Hobby 

They say that the devil makes work for ideal hands and the same can be said for idle minds. In order to keep the devil away, it is important that we do all that we can to keep ourselves busy and that is why a new hobby is a great idea. This could be anything from picking up a musical instrument to learning how to play a game, perhaps even something like knitting. Whatever you choose make sure that it is going to be something which you are passionate about to ensure that you keep it up. 

Work on you this lockdown, it will all be over very soon.