Hiring a Tech PR Company

The business world has seen a huge increase in tech startups recently. This makes complete sense since the majority of business and consumerism is completely online in 2019. WIth such a high increase in online and ecommerce business the need for tech PR companies has increased tenfold.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a tech PR company for your tech startup then it is time to do some research. This will help in the decision making process on whether to invest or not. Here is everything you should know about tech PR and how it can help your tech startup business.

First off what is tech PR?

You probably already know what regular PR but if not it is essentially the methods used to establish and promote a positive relationship with the public. PR is focused on relating to the public and developing a positive perception for your brand. Once you have developed a product that your customers loved you can start focusing on PR to spread the world about your brand.

Tech PR just means that your product or service is tech related and the PR firm has specific knowledge about that. They will be able to build relationships with tech-related business partners, online publications, social media accounts, and tons of outlets related to spreading your name to the tech-savvy people of the world.

What strategies does a tech PR firm use?

Each sector of PR has the same overall goal but they have to reach that goal using different methods. A PR firm that specializes in marketing for restaurant owners for instance will use different methods than a tech PR agency. The goal is still to get the word out but it has to be accomplished using different techniques and strategies.

The most common strategy for tech PR is to use content marketing. The PR professionals know exactly how to use proper SEO practices to optimize your brand’s website. SEO content marketing is much more technical than you would think.

Even if you consider yourself a tech-savvy person (which you probably do since you started a tech company!) leave this work to the pros. It is time consuming and takes constant monitoring and updating so it is a full time job in itself.

How do you choose the right tech PR firm?

Before you even start looking for a PR firm to partner with you need to first determine your specific goals for the company. Once you’ve established those you’ll have a much easier time finding a company that aligns with your future plans. You need to find a firm with at least several years of experience in the industry and who meshes well with your overall personal and company vibe.

Is investing in tech PR really necessary?

Absolutely. Hiring a public relations service is helpful to any type of business but it is essential in the tech business world since startup companies are popping up every day. So much competition makes it hard to get a word in edgewise about your brand, no matter how brilliant it might be.