As a nonprofit organizer or manager, you know the importance of fundraising to maintain organizational integrity and operational fulfillment. Unfortunately, the digital age complicates simple tasks, like collecting donations. People rarely carry cash on them anymore, which means simple raffles and dinners need multiple payment options for clients and patrons. Thankfully, there are non profit POS systems like the Clover 2 and Clover Flex for sale that make multiple payment or donation options available, and the best part is the systems are not too complicated for an average volunteer. However, beyond payment options, there are at least four reasons any nonprofit needs a POS system.

1. Help With Face-to-Face Fundraising

Point of sale systems can make face-to-face interactions at fundraising events painless and fast. With multiple payment options and features that make donor sign-up a breeze, volunteers will sing your organization’s praises. The connected database will also make it easy to know when you are working with a seasoned donor or someone new to your cause, which will help to gear the conversation between your volunteer and the donor. While new donors may want to discuss the purpose of the organization, alumni donors may wish to discuss the results of a previous campaign.

2. Assist in Remote Fundraising Efforts

Beyond helping to streamline live events, a POS system can also assist in remote fundraising. Donors can log in to their accounts and schedule regular donations or periodic gifts. You can also set the system up to allow open donating at a scheduled time for a specific event, cause or campaign, and the system will keep track of the money for the scheduled event. Many churches and finding digital collection plates and similar applications useful in preventing the pesky summer slow down.

3. Collect Essential Data for Future Campaigns

POS systems allow your organization to collect essential donor data and save it to a searchable database. Later, when you have plans for a new campaign or event, you can search for the donors who are likely interested and email them through the system. You can even design blanket announcements to go out to every donor and volunteer of the organization. Beyond notifications, you can have the POS send reminders to staff about upcoming deadlines or events.

4. Review Tools for Immediate Analysis

The other advantage of a POS system is the analytic and review tools. You can check the progress of a campaign right after launch. You can check to see if messaging is having the desired effect or if an event is making the money you hoped. The analytic tools give you up to the minute data, allowing you to make tweaks and changes as needed without compromising the entire campaign.

Having a POS system on hand means that you have versatility. Modern donors expect convenience, and many do not carry cash anymore. Providing several payment or donation options means your organization opens multiple revenue streams. However, beyond the ease of payments, a POS system gives a nonprofit an analytical advantage. If you want to give your organization the best chance to succeed, then contact a merchant solutions center and discuss a point of sale system.