How much money can you win on fixed jackpot slots?

Gambling on the internet has a seen a surge in popularity and acceptance recently. With a worth running into billions of pounds, understanding what makes this industry unique will give you an edge. But how much money can you win on a fixed jackpot slot? Read on to find out or click to play.

What is a fixed jackpot slot?

A fixed jackpot slot is a prize that has a constant amount, hence it doesn’t increase. They may also be called standalone jackpots, flat jackpots, or non-progressive jackpots.

Note that there are two distinct types of fixed jackpot slots that you can win at casinos. Some of them come with a permanent cash prize while others depend on your wager. In either scenario, when the jackpot is won, the prize gets refreshed while anticipating the next jackpot slot winner.

Possible winnings on fixed jackpot slots and how to boost it

Note that the lesser the bet, the lesser the possible payout. With fixed jackpot slots, your bet will get multiplied by a fixed figure. You could win a prize of as much as 100,000 times your wager. Some such jackpots payout over 4 million pounds.

1. Check the fixed jackpot ratings

Knowing the ratings of the fixed jackpot will tell you your chances of winning with the online casino. Positive ratings from past players will let you know how strong your odds at winning big are.

2. The more the merrier

The unique thing about fixed jackpot slots is that the risk is less which means you could place as many bets as possible. Doing this increases your odds of winning.

What should you do win you win the fixed jackpot slots?

Maybe you just got lucky and your favorite slot won you a jackpot. Do you know what to do when you finally hit the jackpot? There are some steps you need to take before you can claim your jackpot.

1. Get the win verified

All online casinos have their verification procedure for wins to ensure you are the real winner. This entails them checking their records to confirm there is no abuse or fraud involved. They will check your details hence, you need to register using your real address and name.

When they are done with the required checks, the casino will reach out to you through the contact details you provided. You will get informed about how to retrieve your winnings.

2. Show me the cash!

Note that the payout will depend on the rules of the casino. For instance, Microgaming casinos pay the gamers their winnings immediately regardless of the amount. You must read the terms and conditions of the casino so that you will understand their payout terms and monthly withdrawal cap.

For instance, a casino with withdrawal limits of less than £10,000 may take up to a year to payout. There are some reputable online casinos where you can discuss the payout rules if there is something in it for them such as publicity.