David Cates - How Superlawyers Get Their Titles

Within the world of law you have three kinds of lawyers, and we are not talking about their various specialities. Within each law firm, no matter what branch of the law we are talking about, you have young and upcoming lawyers, you have good lawyers and then you have super lawyers. Today we are going to take a look at the latter category, super lawyers like David Cates who have forged a stunning reputation in the legal world. More specifically what we are going to look at is how these men and women gain the title of being a ‘super’ lawyer.

Here are the hallmarks of this kind of legal professional.

Incredible Record

The mist common reason as to why we call these men and women super lawyers is because they have spent a lifetime winning cases, time and time again. Those who have a reputation for winning are often referred to super lawyers simply because of that track record. This is not tis ay that they have a 100% record of course, but that they win significantly more cases than they lose.

Grandstand Case

Not all super lawyers need to have a rich history of success, in fact there are many who gain this tittle because they have won a grandstand case. This could be the defense of a high profile celebrity or the conviction of a mob boss who seems untouchable. There is a huge range of cases which can be considered as grandstand, and when a lawyer heads up the legal team and wins the case against the odds, they very quickly increase their reputation in the legal profession. We have a number of super lawyers who made their name in these kinds of cases, and the media attention they received helped them in their careers, and in boosting their reps.

Outstanding Law Firm

Some of the world’s best law firms will be incredibly selective about which people they take on. These firms have a reputation which they fight very hard to protect and they can only hire the best if they wish to remain the best. This is why we often see lawyers come from these firms and then go on to launch their very own law firm in the future. These legal professionals are quite often referred to as super lawyers because of the training and experience which they have gained at the high quality law firm where they started. The reputation of the firm is often bestowed upon those working inside it and these are certainly considered to be super lawyers based on that fact.

Ultimately the term super lawyer is also used to refer to those who just have a better understanding of the law than the rest. These men and women also hold a certain level of power and sway within this world, and they are treated with a huge amount of respect from all of those who are working alongside them, and even against them.