caring manager

There are so many management styles out there but the one thing that always comes up when people talk about what they want from their manager is caring. The very best managers out there are genuinely happy when team members experience success and they do want to do all that is possible to help others thrive. German Trujillo Manrique even goes further and states that you cannot be a really successful manager without genuinely caring for the people that you mange.

The short-sighted manager will always destroy an organization. You have to be careful with what you say and what you do. At the end of the day, if you want to be a really effective manager, you need to show people that you care. How can you do this? Fortunately, there are some really easy ways in which you can become a much more caring manager.

Tell People That You Need Them

One of the most common needs humans have is that of being appreciated. As a manager you need to stay in the middle of the team and to tell people that you are happy about the fact they are in your team. People need to feel valued and the simplest, fastest way to do this is to tell them.

Ask For Opinions

It is a huge mistake to think that people do not know something. The manager should always ask for feedback and take into account the opinions of team members. When you let the employees help, they are going to do it. Everything starts with simply asking for opinions.

Showcase The Superiority Of Others In Comparison To You

This is counterintuitive for some but it is highly effective in showing that you value and respect people. We should all come to terms with the fact that we cannot be the best at everything. As a manager, there will be some team members that will be better than you at something. Let them shine with that something and highlight the fact that you trust him because he is better at it than you. For instance, if you manage a sales team and there is a person there that is clearly better at cold calling than you, let him use his skills and praise him for that.

Create Laughter Opportunities

There are countless studies that showed us that laughter has really big physical and mental benefits. When you look at the teams managed by really good professionals, you notice an atmosphere that is light-hearted and a lot of smiles can be seen throughout the room. This is because managers understand how important it is to laugh and showcase the lighter side of individuals. When you dismiss laughter and you see it as a threat, people end up losing their happiness to do the work they have to do. In the long run, this leads to organizations failing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, most of being a caring manager is associated with communication and how it is handled in a professional environment. If you are the manager that nobody sees and nobody interacts with, nobody can believe that you care. If you are in the middle of the team, you interact with people, compliment them and guide them with a hands-on approach, the opposite happens.