How to Conquer Someone by the Palate?

Can you resist the ideal person, the childhood crush? Skokka is going to offer some tips to help make the perfect person fall at the feet of anyone through the palate. Yes, yes, through the palate, with the preparation of certain specific and delicious dishes that make anyone fall madly in love. 

It is very common to hear that love, more often than not, enters through the eyes, it enters through the mouth. That is why most couples who have the opportunity to last for many years and share incredible moments prepare original and special dishes for each other. Likewise, those who just want to spend a nice time with one of the Sydney escorts have a “tasting” date first.

How? There are a series of recipes that help to improve communication and connection between people. This is because food generates feelings of happiness, satisfaction or wellbeing and, on many occasions, it is able to stimulate the body and the brain.

Hot or cold starters

Starters are very important because they are the first thing to be eaten. This will give a vision that may affect the evening. If everything looks tasty and elaborate, then the person will feel comfortable, confident and looking forward to the next course; if, on the other hand, it does not exceed their expectations, it may make them look for an excuse to run away.

Which one to choose? If it’s winter, the most common choice is to opt for hot dishes that help to settle the body and, incidentally, warm up the atmosphere a little. If, on the other hand, it is summer or, for whatever reason (summer, an escort who turns anyone on 100%, a little wine), it is hot as hell… cold dishes without a second thought!

  • Croquettes: it may seem like a typical dish, not very elaborated or without anything else. However, croquettes offer the opportunity to mix many flavours, they can be meat or fish, or even vegetables. They taste delicious and are a very good alternative for snacking while the main course is being prepared. 
  • Ham cones with cream of mushroom soup: sounds good, doesn’t it? This is not only a very tasty starter, but it can also be eaten cold. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also looks very elegant.

Main corses

Here are the dishes of the dishes… The most important part of the menu, as it is the one that will feed the other and make the stomach feel satisfied. And, remember, a happy stomach makes for a happy heart.


In order to prepare menus made with meat, there must be dishes that are not too hearty because the heaviness that the stomach may feel can affect the course of the evening. In addition, meats should be accompanied with red wine, a must at the table from the very first moment!

  • Pork tenderloin wellington: without a doubt a very special dish. Its variety of flavours will hypnotize you with its taste and you will not be able to stop eating. They will definitely want to repeat the date, and even the Skokka escort service will be so fascinated that they will be able to satisfy them with great interest. 
  • Chicken with almond sauce: sauces never fail. They add a lot of flavour and make a simple piece of chicken breast look like a real delicacy.


Seafood is the classic of classics. The combination of foods such as crab, prawns and king prawns with any other food is SPECTACULAR. As well as being delicious, they are very healthy and have many health benefits. 

  • Prawn, rocket and papaya salad: this is a guaranteed hit. As well as being healthy, it is delicious. The advantage is that it can be prepared in advance and very easily and quickly. The mix of flavors makes anyone salivate and the blood starts to circulate at uncontrollable levels.
  • Stuffed peppers with cod and prawns: want to be a hit on a date? Opt for this very special dish that will leave anyone speechless. Accompany it with a little white wine to make it taste even better and keep the conversation flowing.


If it has come to this point, something has been done PERFECTLY. Falling in love is almost guaranteed and an exciting adventure is about to begin. But… don’t be careless! The decision is in any dessert. 

  • Aphrodisiac fruits with cream or chocolate. 
  • Chocolate biscuits filled with heart shapes. 
  • Apple and puff pastry roses.
  • Cheesecake with some syrup.
  • Raspberry sweets.

It is important to accompany this dish with a little champagne to toast and enjoy the evening. It is a way of concluding and making sure that the other person wants to repeat, a toast is a shy “yes” that does not want to come out of the mouth.