How to Make Money Gambling: A Complete Guide

Did you know that the top 3 richest gamblers in the world earn between $80 million to $1 billion a year? While that might sound wonderful, not everyone’s cut out to be a professional gambler.

However, don’t let that stop you from placing bets to make a little cash. If you do it smartly, you might just make a decent amount of fun money!

If you’re wondering about how to make money gambling, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll give you plenty of gambling tips so you can get to winning!

Take Advantage of Promotions

Whether you’re playing in a land-based or online casino, they all have one thing in common: tons of promotions! It’d be unwise to ignore these promos, as some of them are literally free cash.

Before you make a deposit, take a look around to see if the online casino is offering deposit matches, free spins, or even free credit to play. Not only that, but sign up for their email newsletters so you can stay in the loop when it comes to bonuses.

When you’re resourceful, you’ll be able to stretch your bankroll much further!

Stick to Reputable Sites

You should only be gambling on legitimate sites, especially since you might be dealing with large sums of cash. If you’re not placing wagers on online casinos that are properly licensed (such as through the Malta Gaming Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission), then this puts you at risk.

For example, they might take your money and never release it when you try to make a withdrawal. Or they might sell or accidentally leak your sensitive data to unscrupulous people.

Another thing of concern is how random their chances are. Of course, the house always wins, but there must be an element of randomness for an online casino to be fair. Those that are properly licensed have been carefully inspected and found to use a random number generator (RNG), which makes things fair.

Of course, researching legitimate online casinos can be tough and time-consuming. To cut down on research time, you can use reputable review sites like You can pick trusted casinos from their lists and try them out without a worry.

Pick One Game to Specialize In

When you go to a casino or log onto a virtual one, it can be very tempting to dabble in all sorts of games, like blackjack, poker, or video poker. But the truth is, the more games you play, the more you’ll stretch yourself thin. And when that happens, you might not have the best strategies, experience, or skills in play.

What you want to do is pick one game and stick to it. For example, if you really like blackjack, then focus on this game only.

Read up everything you can about your chosen game and find out what kinds of gambling strategies other experienced players have. By exploring several points of view, this can allow you to pick the method that’s best for your play style.

Try Out Free Games First

The biggest mistake you can make is diving into things without trying them first.

Let’s say that you have no clue how to play blackjack. But you sit down at a table, listen to the dealer about the rules, and then give it a few gos. The next thing you know, you’re down $50 and you’re still confused about the game.

What you’ll want to do is try out free games first so you can familiarize yourself with them. For instance, all you have to do is Google “free online blackjack” and you’ll get tons of results.

Use these free websites to see how a casino game works. And once you’ve done that, you can then give several strategies a try and see how they turn out for you.

Once you feel confident, then you can go put real cash down and start making money gambling.

Don’t Chase Losses

Every professional gambler knows not to chase losses, and you shouldn’t either. If you’re ever on a losing streak, the best thing you can do is take a break and stop trying to get out of the red. More often than not, this will land you in even hotter waters.

Being on a losing streak can have some adverse psychological effects. Not only can you get upset and frustrated, but you’ll also make more mistakes, which will cause more losses.

If you’ve noticed you’ve lost a few hands, walk away. Come back when you’ve cooled off!

Try Sports Betting

Sports betting is less luck-based than other types of gambling, so this might give you the best chances of making a profit. This is especially true if you’re an avid sports fan and have extensive knowledge of which teams do better than others (and vice versa).

You’ll still want to do some research though. You really need to dig into every detail you can find about sports teams so you can place bets that’ll be successful.

Of course, you can always just bet on whether or not a team will win. But if you can get into the specifics (such as who will score first or X team will win by Y points), you’ll make a lot more!

Now You Know How to Make Money Gambling

By knowing how to make money gambling, you’ll be able to stretch your bankroll so much further. Not only that, but you’ll have a better chance at hitting jackpots and winning it big.

So put our tips and gambling strategies to use and you’ll see a big difference. Good luck and we hope you’ll see many jackpots in your future!

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