As humans we like to celebrate every little occasion – be it a birthday, an anniversary, a pregnancy announcement, a wedding, or the birth of a child. These are all the special occasions that take up a special space in our heart. We never forget these events and try to make them extra special every year. However, quite contradictory to our penchant to celebrate the milestones of our life, an inevitable reality of life that most of us tend to ignore on purpose is death, whether it’s ours or of a loved one.

The idea of losing a beloved is very hard and painful to imagine. Can you imagine what your life will be after a parent moves on? Or what will the life of your children be after you are gone? Life will not be easy for those who are dependent on you. The day to day expenses and other affairs of life will become tough for them. Let alone life after you are gone, the funeral itself will cost your family a fortune!

Keeping this in mind, there are many private insurance companies that offer funeral insurance for people of all ages and occupations. You can apply for this insurance which will cover the entire funeral expenses from the cremation or burial (whatever you choose) to the memorial service. When you apply for this insurance, you will be given a period of 12 to 24 months which will be termed under “accidental insurance”. This insurance policy will automatically turn into funeral insurance after that time and can be claimed the very next day.

There are a few options you can choose from in the insurance policies offered. Companies offer “special” services at an added cost allowing you to stick around as a memory forever. You cannot be immortal, technology hasn’t reached there yet. But some insurance companies allow you to plan a modern funeral ceremony.

If you are a space enthusiast, you can have a piece of your cremated remains left in space to float around the stars for eternity. This special funeral will cost you an additional $10,000 apart from the usual funeral expenses. Your remains might have to wait a year or two since space shuttles have their own schedules.

The remains will oscillate in the galaxy for eternity and you can live forever in the stars. Since this is an expensive option to begin with, you will be remembered for generations to come. Your family members will be able to look up at the stars and say “there is my beloved” and actually mean it!

Choosing the right insurance can help you achieve your desired infinity after death. You can live forever in the stars even after you are gone from the world. Do not burden your family members with the expenses of hosting a funeral – you can take care of that in your life. Allow them a peaceful life without your presence for as long as they live.