The internet is filled with tips and trick on how to save money, we have coupon sites which you can use to bag some money off products which you are buying, blogs with tips on how to save and where the best offers are and we also have a relatively new concept with cashback sites such as Lyoness. Not enough people are taking advantage of this brilliant opportunity to get money back on their purchases, and mainly this is because a lot of people are confused about how it all works.

The basics of gaining cashback are very simple, buy a product which is eligible and then get a percentage of your spend back in your pocket once the product has been bought. If you are interested in using a site like Lyoness then here is how to do it.

Signing Up

Unlike with coupon sites which are free for everyone to use, a cashback site requires a signup and a payment of a membership fee. The membership fee averages at mourn $15 per year depending on which site you use, and this is what will give you access to the exclusive offers which the cashback site will present you with. Once you have signed up and paid, the next step is to start looking at what offers are available.


The offers on these sites will usually change every week so it makes sense to keep checking in to see what is available. There are two ways in which you can buy a product and get some money back and the first is doing so online. If you are buying a product online which is eligible for cash cashback then there will be a direct link on the website which will take you to the checkout to buy the product, once bought you will be taken back to the cashback website where your money will be deposited. If the product is available in stores then you can head out and grab this product, upload your receipt to the website and then wait for the money to be credited back into your account.

Some websites also have a mobile app which means that you can simply open the app and take a photograph of your receipt, the app will then scan for relevant offers and give you money back based on what you have bought.

Cashing Out

Once you have money in your account you can withdraw it straight to your bank account or you can save it up and use it to purchase items in the future, which will also have money back features. Contrary to what many think this is real money which you are given, not credits or coupons but cold, hard cash. You may not think that you are getting much cashback when you are reimbursed 20% of a $2 spend, but soon it will really add up and you will have quite a sum in your account.

The money spent on membership will come back very quickly with offers and then you can start getting some serious cash returned for your purchases.