Making Your Sensational Move To Canberra

Canberra has become a hub for foodies, outdoor enthusiasts and culture vultures. The city offers an unbeatable quality of life with its wineries that sit on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin or within walking distance from it. Many people come to Canberra because they want access into politics but once you’re here there’s so much more than what meets your eye. It’s serenity and relaxing nature will capture your heart why this is Australia’s Capital City.

How to move?

If you are relocating to Canberra from Interstate, there are a variety of options you can take. Interstate removals companies can help relocate your belongings through a variety of means. If you are travelling light and do not have much then a backloading service might do the trick and you can hop on the plan to get yourself here. If you have an entire house content and moving the family, you can pack a freight container and have it moved here by rail with a truck to deliver on either end. More commonly though, a removalist truck will be more than sufficient to deliver your belongings by packing your goods on the truck and drive the distance meeting you at the destination. If you are moving locally within Canberra or even New South Wales. Canberra removalists are in abundance as many people move in and out of Canberra all the time. Many come for work and just as many decide to leave for work. These removalists have all the expertise that can make your move as simple as possible with often a fixed priced quote.

Finding the right place to live

There’s no place like home in the heart of Canberra! The city was designed with your needs at hand, so whether you’re looking for a city centre location or peaceful country lifestyle, Canberra has it all. Commuting times are awesome and there is easy access to everything needed without having too much distance between work commitments, even if that means just grabbing dinner after hours while being able walk right out into nature during weekends.

A perfect blend Between town & suburbs surrounds us here and we can easily get around town.

Looking to buy a property?

The Canberra housing market is hot! With a median property price of $1,032,331 recording by Core Logic at the end of January 2022. Also, a median price of $594,992 for units alone and less than one percent (0.88%) houses going on sale each month at the moment; it’s no wonder that people are looking towards renting instead. Units and apartments may be cheaper than homes but don’t let this fool you into thinking they’re not important too – after all we need somewhere comfortable to live in order make our daily lives routine without having any complications or worries constantly popping up along way.

Renting in Canberra 

Renting is definitely not cheap, and in fact Canberra is the most expensive city to rent in Australia with a median price of $690 per week as of 2022 and $533 per week for units. However, the prices vary greatly depending on where you live; it’s more affordable for those who reside outside Central ACT or inside the Civic. For private room rates near university campus they range anywhere between ($450 – 550) which makes renting an option best suited towards students looking to save money while still living close by their schoolwork!

Getting a job

Canberra is a great place to find work if you’re looking for both public and private sector opportunities. For example, there are positions with the Commonwealth Government as well as many ICT jobs within the Canberra Hub Project. Which, the government has committed $700,000 to establish that will capitalise on one of the fastest growing sectors that is Cyber Security and position Canberra as the cyber capital of Australia.

But don’t forget that even when working in this professional environment it’s not uncommon at all times during your days that you see someone from government or another company come by asking questions about what they do – so make sure keep up-to date on everything going around town because who knows when one might come across an opportunity? In fact, Canberra has the nations highest fulltime salary mostly in the public sector. So at least, it makes up for the higher cost of housing.

Out and About

Canberra is a city that’s virtually covered with excellent bike paths to get you nearly everywhere. The public transport system, ACTION (ACT Government), uses its version of rechargeable tickets available at stations around town or can be bought online for discounted prices called MyWay cards. Driving here is also relatively easy as with any other Australian city.

What’s on in Canberra

Canberra is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to experience parliament house, or enjoy some time at the Australian War Memorial there’s plenty more options out in this wonderful town! You can go on an amazing hot air balloon ride across Canberra while also seeing iconic landmarks such as Federal Palace buildings and Lake Burley Griffin which houses many possibilities from floating down pipes during wintertime ice skating events all way up until pedal cycles around summer day-trips possible by boat if you want adrenaline pumping adventure.

All-in-all Canberra is a sensational city that offers the perfect balance between work and play together with cultural city and abundance of nature. When you decide to make that move to the sensational city, Canberrans will welcome you with open arms and claim you as one of their own as if you were always meant to be.