We would all love to be excellent at the things we do in our lives. For many of us this would mean that we reached our highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. For others it would be something to hold up as being noteworthy. Many others also feel that excellence sets a standard for others to follow and pushes the human ideals and experiences to consistently new heights.

For Miami based Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch executive who has attained the highest levels of success, becoming the best is all about taking on challenges successfully and proving to yourself that the only limits are the ones that you place on yourself. He operates within a set of tightly defined parameters that allow him to reach and maintain a high level of excellence. Here are some of the things that Patrick Dwyer maintains in order to ensure his consistent success.

Have high standards

In order to become the best at whatever you do, you have to have extremely high standards for yourself, the tools and strategies you use, and those around you. Life is a competition and in order to win that competition you cannot make excuses, you simply have to perform. Performing at the highest level requires a commitment to excellence and a consistent drive towards greatness.

Those who have these qualities must also make sure that those around them that have a hand in their endeavor, also have this same level of commitment to success and are willing to uphold these same standards. At times this can appear as be elitist or simply lacking empathy for those that do not adopt these qualities, but the reality is that there is simply no other way to become the best unless you follow these rules.

Similarly, you must utilize tools and strategies that lead to success. No matter how great the team is, if the tools they use and the strategies employ are not up to the task, that team will fail. So it is imperative that you adopt tools and strategies that can support your desire to be the best.

Make a winning plan

Every important goal should begin with a great plan. Planning allows you to work through your ideas from beginning until the end to discover whether your ideas actually will work, before you dedicate the time and resources to put those ideas into play. Your planning should include every important aspect of what you doing and contingencies for when things do not go as planned.

You need to share these plans with your team as well as experts who are interested in your success. Be prepared for harsh criticism of some of your ideas, and look to get things right rather than to be right. In the end, you should end up with a well-thought-out, clear, and highly effective plan of attack.

Patrick Dwyer has used these strategies to reach the top of his very competitive industry. He adheres to them on a daily basis because he knows that each day the competition wants to surpass him and he must do the things required in order to be the best.