I learned an important lesson about giving people opportunities thanks to the amazing artist Peter Max, who gave me my big break in the local art scene after one of his agents spotted my work. At that time I was ready to give up on the art world and look for a ‘real job’ when Peter gave me my shot. I never really wanted to make millions from this gig but I always wanted to be able to sell my work to people from my website and Facebook page, at the very least just to get by. I have now done exhibitions and my name is popular in the local area, all thanks to Peter. I am trying to teach my daughter about giving chances and taking opportunities just like her Dad, and I wanted to talk you all about the same subject and why it is important.

Just Not Getting The Break

In life there are winners and losers, it is just the way that it goes as my brother says, and he is absolutely right. The unfortunate thing however is that the ‘losers’ very often could be winners if they were given the chance. Look at my situation, I create art that people love, and are happy to be handsomely for, I regularly get comments about how good my art is and how much people like my paintings, but none of this would’ve been possible without Peter, I essentially stole a winners medal from a losing position and there are thousands out there who just need that break.

Realizing Potential

Some people really shine when they are finally given an opportunity and many of them will do things that even they didn’t know that they could once that chance is bestowed upon them. Of course there are others who show a glint of potential but then fail to take their chances when they are offered to them. Even in this situation, giving that chance will show someone that they perhaps aren’t good enough or ready, which will also provide a massive help for them in understanding their limitations as to what they can and can’t do.


Something which I really love is when good things and nice actions are reciprocated and this tis no different when it comes to taking a chance on someone. Because of what Peter did for me and for my career I have always sought to find the best in people and to give other people a chance when nobody else does. What I like to believe is that based on my attitude towards these people, that they in turn will do the same for someone else. Doing something like this for someone is a great gesture, it is one that they will appreciate and then hopefully pass on to someone else in their future.

If you know that someone has something, why not risk it and give them a chance, after all, what is the worst that can happen?