Ever since the widespread legalization of marijuana, the demand for smoking tools and equipment has gone through the roof, with many new and exciting products arriving each day, and being sold through many smoke shop online retailer. Naturally when buying products online, there is a certain amount of caution which you must take, given that you cannot see, test or touch the product before purchase. This is not to say that an online retailer is bad of course, but the ease with which one can set up an online store, does mean that some people out there simply don’t offer the high quality product which they claim to.

In order to ensure that you don’t run into difficulties when you are buying your smoking gear online, here are some top tips to help you out.


The first place which you should start when you are checking out the legitimacy of an online smoke shop, is with reviews that have been left by others. Now, even with reviews you can never fully trust that they are wholly true, because it can be easy for the owners or workers of an online smoke shop to manipulate these reviews somewhat. The best course of action then is to check a number of different review sites, and try to take a cross section of all reviews that you read. Also watch out for how many reviews have been left, if it is only 1 or 2 then it is perhaps better to look for another place to buy your gear.

Returns Policy

Next up you should look into the terms and conditions on the website to check to see what the returns policy is. Be really careful here because very often there are items in the small print that suggest once you have purchased an item, there is no return available. If the company makes it absolutely clear from the outset that all items can be returned with a full refund given out, this is a positive sign and an indication that you are shopping with a good company. Just be sure that you look through all of the details before you decide to buy an item. Another great idea here is to buy something cheap and check out the service, should things go wrong you won’t have lost out by very much.


Marijuana magazines are a great place to see some of the best online smoke shops, very often they will even have ads inside the magazine, for a number of online retailers. If you see advertising in this way, you can pretty much guarantee that you are going to be shopping with an upstanding retailer with a strong reputation.

Buying items online should be very easy, but unfortunately it can be made more complicated depending on who you are using. Follow the steps above and you can be almost certain that you are dealing with a company with high standards.