When it comes to our bedrooms, we could all use some extra space. Creating space in a bedroom can be challenging as most of the area is already being taken up by, well, your bed. So, should you downgrade to a single bed frame? Not so fast! Here are some clever tips for saving space in your bedroom.

Shelve it

Adding some shelving to your bedroom will add extra surfaces in which to store things. You could opt for a piece of furniture like a bookshelf; with sturdy footing and loads of surface space, a bookshelf can alleviate your lack of space.  To save even more space, you can opt for floating shelves. Even the greenest DIYer can install floating shelves, and they offer greater flexibility than a fixed piece of furniture.

Get hooked

Are you tired of seeing all that clutter on your bedroom floor? While most of us resort to piling things under or bed frames, attaching some hooks in the right spots can help lift clutter from the floor and give you some much-needed space. Attaching some hooks to the back of your closet will add conveniently hidden storage for occasional items. Try adding some hooks to the back of your bedroom door and hanging your laundry hamper, not only does this house your laundry discreetly but reminds you when it’s time to do a load.

Keep It clean

Keeping things clean and tidy in your bedroom sounds like advice from your mother but its true! Finding the storage space for all your items can be a challenge, and if you find yourself with an endless pile of unused clothes and shoes, it may even seem fruitless to try. Keeping clean can also mean minimizing the number of materials objects you own. They say that generosity makes you a better person, why not give away those unused possessions and save your self some space in the process.

Dual purpose furniture

The biggest space eaters in your bedroom are bedframes, so why not utilize them as storage? Bed frames with storage are a space savers dream. Clever shelves and drawers for storing anything from linen to lollies give beds with storage options a big tick of approval from the space-saving team. This idea of dual-purpose furniture doesn’t stop ad bed frames, look for desks, bedside tables and other bedroom staples that offer storage.If you decide to buy furniture with built-in storage you can retire additional drawers or shelves you don’t need. Adding storage space to a bed frame best utilizes the amount of space this piece of furniture eats up, a big win on the war to reclaim extra space.

Basket case

Embrace the humble basket, it can turn any space into storage space. Baskets are great for storing socks and underwear under your bed, find a basket that fits under your bed frame and hey presto you have a storage drawer. I love finding baskets that match the dimension of my shelves, it is such a satisfying feeling, and it helps keeps various items off the floor.

Simple DIY tricks like those mentioned earlier can be used to spruce up your bedroom and keep it organized and clean. Organized and clean translates to saving more space! By using standard hardware found at your local store, you can create intelligent storage solutions. Another huge plus to these small additions is that renters can employ these tips without upsetting their landlords (please, always ask your landlord before performing any changing to the property!) By utilizing dual-purpose furniture like bed frames with built-in storage, you can keep your bedroom lean clean and spacious.