The Brief Guide That Makes Owl Watching Super Simple

There are at least nineteen species of owls that can be found in North America. These majestic creatures are fascinating to look at.

But, how do you successfully begin to observe these elusive animals?

Read on to start owl watching today.

Find the Right Time and Place

You’ll need to make sure you’re going owl watching at the right time, and in the right area. This will also depend on what owl species are in your area. Not all owls are nocturnal, contrary to popular belief.

Some owls are actually more active during the day. Otherwise, you may just come across sleeping owls, which isn’t as interesting. And, some owls are more common in some times of the year than others. A lot of owls are active between late summer and late fall. Others may be active in mid-winter. That’s why it’s important to do your research about owls that can be found in your area.

You can also have the owls come to you, if you’re so inclined. If you have enough room, you may want to consider setting up an owl nest box, so you won’t have to venture off your property to admire owls.

Be Prepared To Go Owl Watching

There are different ways to prepare for owl watching. You’ll want to make sure that you learn the bird calls for owls in your area, so that you’ll be able to get their attention. Do your research, and ensure that you can identify local species of owls based on their appearance and the noises they make.

Look into different ways you can track owls. That will make it easier for you to find owls for watching.

You’ll want to triple-check and make sure that you have the right equipment for owl watching. Certain types of binoculars are better suited for owl watching than other types of birds.

You should also do your best to blend into your surroundings. Choose clothing that is non-reflective. Look into clothing that is camouflage, or darker colors if you’ll be owl watching at night. Of course, you should still make sure that you are dressing appropriately for the weather, so that you’ll stay safe and warm.

And, you should take other safety measures as well. Bring a flashlight, ensure that your cell phone is charged, and always let someone know where you are when you go out owl watching. Ideally, you should make sure that you’re not owl watching alone. Bring a buddy who also wants to enjoy owl watching so that you can stay safe at night.

Now You Know How to Start Owl Watching

Owl watching can be a fun pastime if you’re properly prepared. With this guide, you should now be well on your way to starting your owl-watching journey.

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