The Most Common Types of Cancer in Dogs

We love our pets so much the thought of them getting ill is almost impossible to bear. Unfortunately, dealing with sickness in a loved one includes dogs for many families. Did you know that over 48 million households in the United States have a dog?

Yet to give our best friends the love and support they deserve, it is better to stay informed. Let’s be honest. The hardest part about pet ownership is that they can’t tell us when they are ill.

So, if you were wondering about the types of cancer in dogs, keep reading. Here is a brief guide to the most common cancer and how to tell if a dog is sick.

Topical Cancers

Melanoma tumors are often found in dogs’ mouths, as well as on the skin. They are common in a wide range of breeds but are often benign. Checking for unusual swelling and a drop in appetite are both signs a dog is sick.

If detected early, surgery is the best cancer treatment to remove the tumor cells. Early treatment will also help prevent spreading to other areas of the body.

Tumors found on the skin will get removed first. They are then inspected under a microscope to determine malignancy.

Severe Types of Cancer in Dogs

Hemangiosarcoma is cancer with a high rate of malignancy in dogs. Fortunately, it is rare, but if found will need aggressive cancer treatment.  The spleen, liver, and heart are the places this cancer gets detected the most.

Yet, many times these tumors are already in an advanced stage. One of the most common types of cancer in dogs today is Lymphoma. A lot of times, a dog won’t even feel sick or show signs of cancer. But, other times, weight loss, diarrhea, and severe vomiting are signs a dog is sick with Lymphoma.

These signs of cancer mean the dog’s white blood cells are being affected. In addition, the severe symptoms tell you that the animal’s immune system is under attack. So, look for nodes behind the knees or on the neck as signs of cancer.

The good news is in 95% of cases, dogs who receive cancer treatment go into remission. CBD oil for dogs is an effective way to treat a dog with Lymphoma.

Bone cancer is perhaps the most common of all for dogs. Also known as Osteosarcoma, it is generally common to larger breeds. Watching the dog’s movements is how to tell if a dog is sick with this form of cancer.

Bone tumors may be one of the few areas where a dog shows pain behaviors. Signs of cancer of this type show in dogs in a similar fashion to humans. Difficulty with joints causes them to display involuntary pain symptoms.

Detection and cancer treatment for Osteosarcoma begins with x-rays and blood tests. Then, skeletal cancers like this get treated in a case-by-case scenario.

Pay Attention to Your Dog

Dogs are essential members of any family. They give us much joy when they are healthy and happy. But, like any creature, there are different types of cancers in dogs too.

Our pets can’t speak for themselves or tell us when they aren’t well. But, there are still signs a dog is sick that we can detect by observing.

We need our dogs as much as they need us. And if you found this piece helpful, please come back for more insights.