During the last lockdown it was my friend Tiffany Ash who ended up helping me the most in suggesting that I find a new hobby to enjoy in order to pass the time and keep myself occupied. I have to be honest this was something which really helped as I was living on my own and the truth is that life just gets boring when you are trapped in the house like this. Now that we have once again been given another lockdown to deal with, I want to speak out on this and give you guys some ideas as to what kind of hobby you can look to pick up which will greatly help you to get through this tough time. 


The game of chess is incredibly complex and even those who play it well are learning from every game that they play. Despite it being a tough game to be good at, it is a relatively simple game to understand and there is a wealth of resources out there which can support you in your learning. From guides on YouTube to apps which talk you through the game, this is a great thing to try and learn which will keep you mentally sharp and which will add another string to your bow. 

Musical Instrument 

Something else which will greatly help to keep you occupied during these tough days is learning to play a new musical instrument. This was what I decided to do at the beginning of the last lockdown and given that I have not exactly mastered the guitar, it is also how I will be spending this current lockdown. This is a great thing to try and learn because you can visibly see improvements as you are able to increase your playing ability and get closer to playing songs that you love. 

Jigsaw Monster 

I didn’t just pick up the guitar during lockdown, I also got started on a mega 5,000 piece jigsaw which took months to complete. This is a really fun hobby to try because you will find yourself passing the board and having a go at trying to find a piece or two, then before you know it you’ve been there for 2 hours and didn’t realize the time pass you by. 


If you have a garden, big or small, then I suggest this would be a wonderful place to wile away some hours and enjoy being outside, even during this lockdown. In each season there is something to do in the garden, there are veggies you can plant, pick and it may even be that the time has come to give the garden a good clean up. Spend a bit of time researching what you should be doing at this time of year and then get yourself out into the fresh air and into the garden. This will help you to feel less imprisoned and it can also mean that you finally put that garden to work.