Vaping Basics: How to Get Started

What is vaping?

You might ask this question since over 2.7 million adults in the U.K. use a vape. Despite being a substitute for cigarettes, vaping offers a different experience. Consider learning the vaping basics if you want to get on with this trend. 

Do you want a starting point for your vaping journey? Read on for a quick beginner’s guide to vaping today.

Types of Vaping Devices

Vaping devices allow you to inhale an aerosol, usually containing nicotine, flavorings, and other chemical compounds. It has various forms, such as:

Vape Pens

These are the most stylish vaping devices in the market. As their name suggests, they are pen-shaped, allowing them to fit in your pocket. Some designs make it look like an actual pen, making them perfect for stealth vaping.

Pod Mods

Pod mods are the middle point between vape pens and bulkier box mods. Like the former, they offer convenience. They also deliver high performance like the latter.

The pod mod has new technological integrations, making them more popular among old and new vapers. After all, they look like futuristic gadgets. If you’re tech-savvy, buying the pod mod is the best way to show your swag.

Box Mods

Veteran vapers consider box mods as the “vaping bosses.” After all, it allows you to get any vaping experience under the sun. Its vape tank and mod are slightly bigger with more customization options.

Box mods allow for greater control over your vaping settings. It means juggling with vape flavors and other aspects.

As a beginner, the box mod can be too complex. However, some products are specifically for beginners. They only have a few buttons, making the process simpler.


Do you still feel nostalgic about your smoking days? Prevent the health issues from cigarettes and use cig-a-like vapes instead. They look like their traditional counterpart with two colors.

Cig-a-likes have limited customization and output power. However, their primary draw is their appearance. Most beginners transitioning from traditional cigs go for this product before learning vaping 101.

Guide to Vaping for Beginners

Now you know the types of vape, it’s time to learn some best practices. These ensure your vaping experience remains pleasant and hassle-free:

Buy Premium E-Juices

Do some research about your desired e-juice. Once you do, look for a reputable vendor using specific factors to consider. After that, check their reviews to confirm their product quality.

Understand Your Taste

Most stores have sample packs to make it easier to pick the best flavor. The good news is you can match various tastes to produce a distinct combination. The possibilities are endless.

Learn the Vaping Basics Now

We hope you understood some vaping basics through our guide. Use these pointers to ensure you get the most out of your vaping experience.

However, discovering your tastes involves trial and error. Never give up when your first choice doesn’t work out. Always be willing to try new things to spice up your vape.

Do you need more helpful information? If so, consider exploring our other posts today.