Interested in getting a thinner waist and a bigger bottom? We’ve all thought about it I’m sure, cosmetic surgery at some point or another. In this day and age, the sky is the limit if you think it you can have it. If were uncomfortable within our own skin, we have opportunities to fix what we don’t like. One of the more popular cosmetic surgeries of today is the Brazilian Butt Lift. It’s kind of a two in one surgery, they use liposuction to remove fat and place it in your butt.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift for You?

Do you have love handles and thick thighs that you feel are disproportionate to the rest of your body? Or you’ve been trying to lose weight in those areas and its just not working, no matter what you do. You wish that maybe all the weight that’s there would move its way up to your butt. This could be a beneficial procedure for you.

The Process

To ensure that you have the best outcome and exact results you are looking for you must make sure you’re in good health. The doctor will run a series of tests to make sure that you are able to have the surgery done without any issues. If you’re to thin or overweight you’re not a good candidate for this procedure. You will receive a general anesthetic for this procedure. If you smoke, it’s recommended you quit smoking at least two weeks before your surgery.

More Butt Less, Love Handles

The fat that is harvested comes from surrounding areas of your body. So, you have to have fat to transfer from the thighs, calves or where ever else to put into your butt cheeks. When you’re considering a Brazilian Butt Lift keep your expectations realistic. Also keep in mind that transfer fat behaves like your normal fat. This meaning that if you gain weight your new booty will increase size. If you lose weight, you’ll lose fat from your butt.  Also depending on the amount of transferable fat you have can play a big part of this procedure. You’ll come out looking drastically different but don’t expect Kim K results.


You’ll have plenty of time to adjust your schedule before the surgery. So, make sure you take 7 – 10 days off after the procedure. You won’t be allowed to sit afterward so be prepared for awkward comfort. Sleep on your side or stomach to prevent rolling onto the affected areas. No smoking, alcohol, or blood thinners afterwards either, these will negatively affect your healing process. Don’t go to the gym or work out up to two weeks after.

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