Career choices should always be made based on a combination of your passions and your natural skills. Unfortunately for many, they elect careers based on bad advice or a desire to make more money and this ends up leaving them in a situation where they are deeply unhappy. I always try to make sure that I encourage people to stick to their passions and skills and I like to present possible job opportunities to the students based on where their passions lie. In light of this, I want to talk a little today about professions which you could look at, if you want to forge a career in education.


Teaching is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about working in education and teachers are those on the frontline of education. You could teach at a range of levels and age groups depending on which you prefer from college tutors to primary school teachers. teachers must be deeply knowledgeable about their chosen subjects and they should also have skills such as patience, organization and the ability to teach effectively to different types of pupils. Teachers can earn a decent average salary and this is a position which can be incredibly rewarding on a personal level.


Teachers may be on the front line of education but the engine room is the administrators, those who deal with the running of the educational institutes and ensure that it is continuously offering the best education that it can. A job in administration could cover a wide range of topics from planning, legality, student management, education development, finance as well as a wide range of other tasks and projects. This is a position with a clear career path and you could even follow in the footsteps of someone like the inspirational Kevin Rolle, Alabama A&M University Vice President and a man who has dedicated his life to educational administration. There are a wide range of positions in this sector depending on your skills and you will find that a role working in educational administration is just as rewarding as working directly with the students.

Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant is a vital job in the education sector and it will see you working with students who have behavioral or learning difficulties. The idea of a teaching assistant is not only that they can give one-on-one attention to someone who needs to have a little more time spent with them, but also so that the teacher can focus on the majority of the class. Very often a teaching assistant position will be part time and you will be working with a wide range of students with varying abilities. These positions require great amounts of patience from you, as well as the desire to help out as much as possible.

Whichever role in education you plan on taking on, you can be guaranteed a job field with rewards.