Bookaway-, a website allowing travelers to book ground and sea transportation tickets online, is one of the best resources if you’re hoping to save a buck or two while on the road. The main goal of Bookaway is just that – to give travelers from around the world access to comfortable yet affordable transportation options. 

The main area of the world that Bookaway provides ground and sea transportation is Southeast Asia, but you can find their routes in 30 separate countries. Here are some of the most popular routes offered by Bookaway:

  • Bangkok to Pattaya in Thailand
  • Hanoi to Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • El Nido to Coron in the Philippines
  • Phnom Penh to Siem Reap in Cambodia
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara in Nepal

There are merely a few popular routes, but you can choose from over 2,000 of them on the Bookaway site. The variety and quantity of routes offered is certainly not the only reason to make a booking with Bookaway, though. This is one of the best resources for saving money on travel transportation, but there are plenty more perks than just saving money. 

Bookaway Customer Service is Always Available

For a transportation booking service to be considered reliable, it needs to actually be available. And not just during certain hours of the day or specific days of the week. What happens if you’re traveling through Goa on Christmas, and can’t get ahold of your booking agency for an urgent problem relating to your upcoming bus ride because of the holiday hours?

Chances are you’ll miss your train, and this could potentially throw off the entirety of your India travel itinerary. Luckily, when you side with Bookaway, you’ll never have this problem. Customer service is available at all hours of the day, all days of the week, all weeks of the year. If you miss a booking, need to change a booking, or have any other inquiry about travel transportation, Bookaway is there for you no matter what. 

The Price You See Is the Price You Pay

One of the things that Bookaway prides itself on most is its transparent pricing model. In other words, Bookaway is clear about its prices and never tries to trick you into paying outrageous hidden fees. This is actually extremely common, especially for booking sites. You see one price as you browse, but then when you’re about to pay, tons of “little” fees are tacked on. When you add them all up, they’re not so little anymore. 

With Bookaway, you can rest easy knowing that you only pay the price you see while you browse. Bookaway doesn’t try to be sneaky about anything. They are upfront about the price, and the price is often right. 

It’s Easy to Book and Manage Your Bookaway Trips

One of the recurring saying at Bookaway is “travel without the hassle”, and this could not be more true. Bookaway provides a hassle-free booking experience. All you do to book a trip is choose where you’re starting, where you hope to go, and your intended travel dates. You’ll then be given several options from Bookaway, ranging from boat to bus to car to train rides. 

Bookaway does not specialize in offering flights, they only focus on the four modes of transportation mentioned above. If you need to change or manage your upcoming trip, just login to your Bookaway account. Travelers who have used Bookaway’s services rave about the fact that the site is 100% mobile-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you handle your bookings on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, browsing and booking is possible from any device. 

You Can Travel in Style For Less

Bookaway focuses on affordable travel, but by no means does that indicate that you need to compromise on comfort. In fact, you don’t even need to make a compromise on luxury. Some of the Bookaway routes allow you to book your own private mini limousine. Shockingly enough, this won’t even set you back that much financially. 

Take the route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand as an example. With Bookaway, you have several options. You can take the dirt cheap – yet still comfortable – tourist bus. Or, you can opt for the more luxurious VIP bus, which comes with AC, reclining plush seats, onboard meals, and even WiFi (perfect for all you traveling digital nomads out there).