Now, a ladder company was probably one type of company which I could have honestly said that I would never have a need for in my life, that was until last year. The whole ting started off because I wanted to build a tree house for my son, a complex project which we planned and designed throughout the winter of 2016, with the idea of building the house the following summer. The biggest hurdle which we had from the outset was finding a way to actually get the pieces of timber up the tree itself.

I have alway been pretty good with wood, so I set about building two temporary ladders which could help us to get up and down the tree during the build. Eventually we finished the house, with some help from friends, and it looked great. The problem I had was that the ladders I’d built need to be replaced, and I wanted to add something a little but special. To do this I went to a ladder company who made a wonderful, safe and colorful set of ladders, to the exact specs that I was looking for. This was just the beginning and I have since used the same company for many ladders around the home. Here are just a few reasons then, why I’d recommend using some professionals for this solution.  

Custom Made

One of the biggest benefits which I have found in using a ladder company is that they work to your exact specifications and requirements. To give you an example, I have a small ladder which comes down from the loft hatch in the house. I wanted to replace both the loft hatch and the ladder, but couldn’t find these ladders anywhere, at least not the type that I wanted. After a quick call to the ladder specialists, I told them what wood I wanted, what size I needed the steps to be and that they must fold into the loft. Just a week later the ladders were delivered and they fit like a glove.

Wide Range

Many people think of ladders as something which they use when they want to clean the guttering or wash the windows, but there ra so many more uses for ladders that a company can help you out with. You may need fixed ladders to reach a book shelf, ladders in the garden, a ladder on the side of a boat, or perhaps within your business you need external ladders to reach the roof. Specialist ladder companies look after every different type of ladder needs, and they can do a great job for you, ensuring that you have a customized and fully working ladder set, for whatever you may need.

It is funny when we realize that we needed something that we never thought that we would, and for me that was the need for ladders. If you have an issue like I did, don’t try and go to stores or look online, find a ladder company to help you out.