This year, make the holidays modern by putting a new twist on classic holiday decor. Instead of just dragging the holiday decor box down from the attic and putting out the same old things in the same old places, change it up a little. The first step is to plan your overall look.

Go Monochromatic

If you talk to an interior designer Beverly Hills, they’ll tell you that a monochromatic color scheme is the secret to a clean, modern look. Here are five monochromatic holiday decorating ideas:

  1. All white. White evokes the clean look of a fresh fall of snow. It also brightens your space on a gray winter day. An all-white faux tree can easily be your very mod statement piece.
  2. Shades of gray. Gray is the perfect monochromatic neutral. It tends to be homier than white and less jarring than black while maintaining that edgy, modern vibe. With gray as your primary palette color, you can easily incorporate lots of different textures and patterns. Think dary gray wool for throw pillows and gray plaid for cloth napkins.
  3. Focus on red. Red is a classic holiday color, and it adds a splash of fun to any room. To your background of black and white, add pops of vibrant red, and your holiday decor will stand out against your everyday items.
  4. Pops of gold. Metallic gold, like red, can be used sparingly to add a festive vibe to a space. Its best backdrop is neutral white, although pairing it with black or deep gray instantly adds drama.
  5. Icy blue. Blue is another traditional winter holiday color, especially when paired with silver. Vibrant blues easily make a bold, modern statement, while paler, icier blues stand out better as large or lacquered statement pieces.

Decorate Around a Secondary Theme

Decorating by theme instead of by color is a great way to unify a design without being too matchy-matchy. Here are five secondary theme ideas to layer onto your holiday decor:

  1. The ski lodge. Use a visual search engine like Pinterest to look for ski lodge decorating ideas, and you’ll immediately see how the mountain lodge theme and the winter holiday theme go hand-in-hand.
  2. Nordic. Hygge is everywhere. Throw in some oversized knits and a few sleek candles, and you’re halfway there.
  3. Ugly sweater. The bold textile patterns that are the trademark of the “ugly sweater” idea are not necessarily ugly, but they are distinctive. Repeating these motifs around the house unifies the design and creates an unmistakable holiday vibe.
  4. Classic toys. Wooden horses, model trains, and wooden blocks evoke a feeling of vintage, mid-century holidays, and double as conversation pieces.
  5. Nautical inspirations. There’s nothing more modern than the clean lines of a classic yacht. Add nautical accents in navy and gold, and you’ve got yourself a maritime holiday look.

If you need some help pulling together the perfect holiday look for your home, reach out to a professional team who knows all about interior design Los Angeles. Using some tricks that only designers know, a few new pieces, and some existing items you have in your home, they can help you transform your home to celebrate the season.