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Did you know that married couples are only having sex about once a week, on average, in the United States? If you want to increase that number for yourself and your partner, but aren’t sure how to do so, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll give you 8 tips for boosting sex lives. We’ll tell you what to do, what to try, and even when you need to consider getting help from an outside source.

Read on to learn how you can spice up your relationship with your partner and get things back to the way that they used to be when you first started seeing one another.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

We get it. Talking about sex with your partner can be a bit awkward, especially if things aren’t going well. And if you’re not already open with your likes or interests, it can be intimidating to tear down those walls and be real with your partner.

But to have the best sex life possible, you need to be open and honest with your partner about your wants and needs. Only then can you improve your sex life and make your intimate encounters as remarkable as you want them to be.

2. Address All Issues or Concerns

To piggyback off that last point, it’s not easy to confront your partner about certain issues. It can be even harder to bring up concerns that you may have about yourself, too, which is worth noting.

But if you want to get past certain problems and find solutions for them, you need to be willing to address them together with your partner.

For example, if you or your partner is having a hard time lasting in the bedroom, talking about it can help reduce the stress surrounding the issue for you both. You can also work to find a solution together, like trying lidocaine spray for premature ejaculation, helping you have the sex that you want to have going forward. 

3. Chat With a Professional

Sometimes, to get past bigger problems, you need to go to outside sources for help. Chatting with a therapist, for example, can help you and your partner fix any issues that may be going on sexually in your relationship.

Again, doing this is often easier said than done. But if you put yourself out there, you give yourself a chance to be as happy sexually as you want to be with your partner.

4. Make Time for Sex

As adults, it can be hard to find the time needed to have a happy, romantic, and healthy sex life. And while forcing the issue is never a good idea, making time for sex is important, especially when you’re working through things.

It might sound cheesy, but having a night each week where you plan to have a romantic evening with your partner is more than enough to get the job done. That way, after things go well, you can then move the party into the bedroom.

5. Go on a Staycation Together

Need an excuse to take some time for you and your partner? Not sure how to make it happen? Well, if you can make it work, consider going on a staycation together.

Of course, if you can actually go away for a while, perhaps to a new location, that works, too. But simply staying indoors and spending time together for a few days is more than enough to get positive results. 

6. Watch an Erotic Movie Together

Not sure what to do with your partner during your staycation? Looking for a fun activity that you can do together to set the mood? Consider throwing on an erotic movie and watching it together to see if it sparks feelings of intimacy.

Not only is this a great way to set the mood, but it can also help you start conversations about likes and dislikes. That way, you can make communicating about sex that much easier for both you and your partner.

7. Focus on Romance Over Sex

If you’re struggling sexually with your partner, it can be tempting to overpress the issue. We touched on this earlier, but that’s often the worst thing that you can do, as it can make things worse before it makes things better.

That’s why we recommend that you focus on being romantic instead of trying to force sex into your relationship. Doing nice things for one another, and simply going on dates again, can help get the sexual energy flowing without much effort.

On top of that, it can help improve every aspect of your relationship, which is an added bonus.

8. Have Fun Together Again 

It can’t be overstated just how important keeping things simple can be. After all, if you press sex issues too much, you can end up making things more stressful for yourself and your partner, which isn’t good.

You also won’t be able to create an environment that encourages open discussions about sex, which isn’t what you want to do.

A pro tip? Try to recreate your first date again. That, or doing something that you would’ve done early on in your relationship, like riding gocarts, can help lighten the mood and encourage positive vibes.

Use These Tips for Boosting Sex Lives to Improve Your Relationship

If you and your partner are in a rough spot right now, be sure to keep these 8 tips for boosting sex lives in mind. Making the effort to implement a few can help you get things back on the right track in your relationship.

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