Because of the fact that I only run a small office here in Florida, with relatively primitive computer systems, I never really thought much abut the benefits that I could get from upgrading the system hardware. After a chance meeting with an old friend who was working for Abaram Network solutions, he gave me some advice around the benefits that the office could enjoy if we upgraded our networks and our hardware. We used Abaram for this and also paid a little extra to keep their service. This turned out to be a decision which has helped us immeasurably in the last year, and here is exactly why you may wish to think about upgrading and supercharging your company’s network.


I had no idea just how much time we were losing in the past owing to slow systems and load times. The first thing that the staff said once we had the new systems in place was just how quickly they were able to process things and the stats show that the staff are now more productive than ever before. The difference of milliseconds soon adds up and over the course of a day, week, month and year, that is some real productivity which we were losing out on.


In the past we were a little limited in terms of the type of option we gave our customers when it came to connecting with us, something which the new technology that we have now allows us to improve. This has opened up how customers can speak with us and  we now give them much more sophisticated options when it comes to using our company.


My biggest concern with the old systems was the level of security which they gave us, which was very poor. We keep a huge amount of data on our customers, confidential data at that, and this was something which always worried me. Thanks to the new systems and the care that Abaram provide us with, we are now locked down and almost impenetrable.

Cost Effective

Given the higher output of the business and the fact that we can now offer a much better overall product and service to our clients, the investment which we made in this has been absolutely worthwhile and it has proved to be a cost effective solution which over the long run will continue to reward us.

Support and Upgrades

Because of the package that we were able to secure we not only have round the clock care and the best systems in town, but also we have regular software updates, support when things go wrong and regular options to update our systems and the hardware which we are using. This saves us money, keeps the business running more smoothly and when the time comes to scale up, we are already in a great position to do so.

If your systems are aging, now may be the time to invest in a new approach.