As our lifestyle depends more and more on technology, there is a high demand for highly technically-skilled professionals in the tech industry. Many I.T professionals enjoy being in constant demand and earning above average salaries. Some of the most high paying jobs can be found in the technology sector. They include:

10. Android Developer

As of May 2019, the Android operating system had a market share of 75.27% worldwide followed by iOS with 22.74%. Android developers earn a base average of $113,417 per annum. The primary job description is developing, designing, and testing mobile applications for Android systems.

9. Sales Engineer

A sales engineer is vital to a company. It requires a combination of technical skills and salesmanship. The average base salary of a sales engineer is $117, 042. In top organizations, a sales engineer could earn commissions and additional compensation of up to $46,000.

8. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are developers who work with other developers, system administrators and system operators to fine-tune program scripts and deployment. The average salary of a DevOps engineer is almost the same as sales engineers.

7. Information Security Engineer

Information security skills are on high-demand in every organization as hackers are constantly finding new ways to penetrate system defenses. Other responsibilities an engineer would do include threat analysis, investigations, and setting up new security measures against cyber-attacks. A security engineer could easily earn up to $124,000 yearly.

6. Data Warehouse Architect

Large organizations that consume and store large amounts of data need these professionals to create, manage, and streamline in-house data warehouse systems. An in-house solution saves a company millions of dollars in fees. As such, the architect is well compensated up to $140,450 basic salary annually.

5. Technical Project Manager

Technical project managers are IT professionals that combine the duties of a typical project manager and that of an IT manager. A manager monitors a project from start to finish, ensuring that it is on budget, and deliverables are on time. The average basic income for a technical project manager is $145,000.

4. Principal Software Engineer

When companies have to develop products, the role of setting standards, breaking up coding tasks, conducting code reviews and providing support falls on the principal software engineer. The annual basic salary for the position is $169,748.

3. Director of Software Engineering

Much like the principal software engineer, the director assumes a managerial position and oversees various engineers working on one or more projects. The basic average salary in this position is $219,647.

2. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The CTO in some organizations is the highest managerial I.T position or the second highest. They oversee the entire I.T department and its projects. It has a basic salary of about $225,000 to match the responsibilities involved.

1. Vice President of Engineering

The VP of engineering is not only the highest paid but also the second-in-command of the entire organization in most cases. Working closely with the CTO, they are in charge of recruitment, technical strategy, and ensure support is provided by top management. The basic salary is a whopping $253,536.

Working in the tech sector is indeed a rewarding career if you are willing to specialize and put in the required work. Given our dependence on technology, there will always be a need for technical I.T professionals.