Advantages to Having a Log Holder

There are a lot of different looks and sizes to log holders. In this article we will cover some of the different types of log holders.

Log holder advantages

Log holders provide an organized and good-looking way to hold small or large amounts of logs. A lot of people who cut their own logs use log holders to keep the large number of logs in an organized place rather than having loads of logs on the floor in a jumbled mess. 

As well as keeping the logs organized, log holders keep the wood off of the ground which stops decay from bugs and moisture. 

Classic log holder

There is no log holder that is claimed to be an original but the most used long and wide varieties seem to be the popular log holders. These versions generally consist of a long rack with walls on the sides to make sure the logs do not fall. Logs are placed on the rack and stacked in an organized way until they reach the top. They are typically made from steel or wood that has been weather-proofed for extra durability. These type of log holders work well against walls in your home or shed due to their flat sided shape. 

Log hoop/ Fireplace log holder

People who live in urban areas don’t need a massive amount of logs. Smaller log holders allow for a more modest smaller number of logs to be stored ready to be put on the fire. These kinds of log holder come in two designs: a log hoop and a fireplace rack. The log hoops are just what the name implies, with a metal hoop that holds the logs inside of it. This design is both decorative and functional. Fireplace log holders often look like miniature classic log holders that are, like the name suggests, on the fireplace for quick and easy access. Fireplace racks are can also be placed outside near a fire pit. 

Some log holders have hooks that you can store mini brushes and mini shovels to clean up ashes that fall around the fire.