Despite all of the fanfare which a manager like Jose Mourinho brings with him, I am very much in agreement with experts like Ayden Hector in saying that Spurs will not win the league this season. Now there has of course been some talk to suggest that they could, but the reality is that there are some stronger teams in this league and that Spurs will not be up there, no matter how well they have started. And so, with this realism in place, what would Spurs fans actually consider to be a good season? Let’s take a look at each competition. 

Premier League 

We should start here with the league, and I believe that the best that Spurs should be aiming for  is a top 3 finish. Not only would this be a very impressive achievement, it would lay the perfect foundation for a title challenge next year. This season is going to be a very tough one and if Spurs could somehow beat the likes of United, Chelsea and/or City to the top 3 positions, they can consider themselves as having had a very successful season indeed. 

Europa League

Something which Jose Mourinho knows all too well is how to win the Europa League and I am absolutely convinced that this is the competition which he will be giving everything to this season. Whilst things do get a little bit trickier now that the Champions League failures have dropped into the competition, there is no reason why Spurs and Mourinho shouldn’t be going with all that they have to win this particular trophy. 

Carabao Cup 

This is another winnable trophy for Spurs, who are already in the quarter finals of this competition. The beauty of the league cup is that the final is played very early, in February this season, and that means that if you win it, the club and the team gets a little spring in their step and a bit of belief. What this Spurs team need more than anything else is to have the belief that they can in fact win things and whilst it may not be the greatest competition in the world, there is no doubt that a league cup win could be what this team needs. 

F.A. Cup

The Football Association Cup is more exciting than it has been for a number of years and Spurs would be well within their rights to try and lift this when it is all said and done. Assuming that injuries are not too cruel, this could be a cup that Spurs can win based on the depth of their squad. Unlike they have had in a number of years, Spurs can count on almost two first team lineups with entirely different players and that ability to rotate is certainly what could help them in achieving another domestic title. 

Any two trophies out of the cup competitions plus a top 3 finish would certainly be a successful season for Spurs.