Your supervisor has handpicked you to go on an important business trip in the next few weeks. So, what do you do? You celebrate and enjoy the feeling of being highly esteemed at your company. Then, you face reality: You’ll be gone from home for weeks on end, and you wonder how comfortable you’ll be in a hotel room for that long. The good news? A hotel room is not your only accommodation option during your next business trip. Brian Ferdinand, a business and travel afficionado, recently explained in an article what corporate housing—an alternative to hotels—has to offer the business traveler.

Housing Amenities

According to Brian Ferdinand, corporate housing units come with many desirable amenities for business travelers. For instance, you’ll have access to a complete entertainment center as well as high-speed wireless Internet service when you choose a corporate housing unit from a reputable provider. In addition, you can rest assured that the Wi-Fi will be secure, as only you will be able to access it. In other words, you don’t have to use a public hotspot that everybody around you accesses, as you would in the hotel setting.


Another top reason to choose corporate housing? It is generally more affordable when compared with hotels. At a hotel, you probably won’t receive a discount for staying there for multiple nights. As a result, your bill in a hotel can quickly add up. However, when you rent a corporate housing unit for multiple weeks at a time, you can enjoy a cut in your pricing for your many stays. On top of this, as mentioned earlier, you can enjoy far better amenities than you would in a hotel room.


Corporate housing also offers the advantage of coming with top-quality furniture—furnishings that surpass the type you’d find in a hotel room. For instance, you can expect to receive a more comfy bed in the corporate housing setting. Likewise, you’ll be given all of the furniture you need to enjoy yourself while relaxing at “home.” As an example, you’ll have access to a couch for conveniently binging your favorite shows when you’re not working. Likewise, you’ll be able to enjoy scrumptious meals at your very own dining table. And when you do have to work on those important presentations, you’ll have access to an actual work desk—the perfect tool for getting the job done every time.