Smart Phones

Smartphones are everywhere, and everyone has one. Right, now that’s out of the way, what smartphone do you spend your hard-earned cash on? Whether you are an Apple devotee or a staunch believer in Samsung Galaxy Phones, the range of choice has only grown larger. The ever-raging arms race for smartphone superiority has produced some absolute gems in 2019, so here are my ‘top 8 smartphones that money can buy.’

Samsung Note 9

Yes, I’m going to start the list with an old phone. The Note 9 was released a little while ago and has recently been replaced by the Note 10. Its successor is being touted as the best Samsung Galaxy phone made for in a long time, but it comes at a hefty cost. If you want a big screen, fast performance and Samsung’s patented s-pen but you don’t mind last year’s technology,the note 9 is still one the best phones money can buy.

iPhone XS

Apple’s iPhone practically invented the smartphone market, so it’s no surprise that their phones regular feature in the top spots. The XS (pronounced 10 s for you Apple snobs) features a revolutionary 3D face scanner as well as apples iconic design flair and build quality. With all the performance you would expect from a flagship phone and a camera system capable of producing professional results, it’s hard to look past the XS.

Huawei p30 pro

The controversial Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has been steadily improving their lineup. The successor to the much-loved p20, the p30, has ushered in a new era for the brand, The p30 features a ridiculous camera capable of 10x zoom and ultra-wide shooting angles.If you are a camera lover and want a unique phone experience, the p30 pro is the phone for you.

Samsung Note 10

The best Samsung Galaxy Phone ever, that’s what the press has said about the new note 10. It’s hard not get excited by a true edge to edge display, especially one as large as the Note 10. If you are looking for the best experience from an android based phablet, the Note 10 is the king of smartphones.

iPhone XR

The XR might be step down in Apples lineup, but it has some tricks that make it just as desirable as the flagship XS. With a screen size between the XS and the XS Max, the XR is the perfect balance between portability and screen. The battery life on the XR is something to behold and offers a solid choice for someone who prefers a longer run time to a glossier screen.

Samsung s10

Both Apple and Samsung’s offerings have dominated my list, and for a good reason, they are simply the best. The s10 comes into the market with a vengeance, showing all the other manufacturers how to make an edge to edge screen properly. If you want the “newest” looking and feeling smartphone, the s10 feels years beyond other offerings.

Google Pixel 3

Search engine overlords Google has made an impressive foray into the smartphone market, and their latest offering is their best yet. The Pixel 3 has a fantastic camera, capable of truly stunning shots, even in super low light where other cameras fail. Wireless charging, water resistance, and seamless integration with all google apps make the pixel a worthy contender for the best smartphone of 2019.

LG v40

I love LG smartphones, and I appreciate variety; after all, it is the spice of life. LG has been building a reputation as a light-hearted alternative to iPhone and galaxies. The v40 features five count ’em, five cameras which may seem silly but allow the camera to shoot ultrawide and from different perspectives. The build quality is light but robust and if you want to be different like me, then give the v40 a look.

Smartphones are almost a necessity in this modern age. The competition is fierce, and on paper, some handsets look better than others. If you were to go off statistics and numbers alone, you might be missing the bigger picture. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, head on into a local store and try some out for yourself, after all, the biggest decider in what phone is right is you.