Going on a fantastic vacation doesn’t have to break the bank – these creative tips for booking the cheapest vacation package will help you enjoy the best of your destination while saving major bucks! Booking vacation packages through Reservations.com not only saves you money, it gives you value-added services that help you make the most of your trip.

There is more than one way to skin a cat – as the old, slightly horrifying saying goes – and there are certainly more than five ways to find exceptional vacation package deals. If you’ve seen my previous post about finding the best, least expensive vacation packages, you’re already armed with five awesome tips for budget-conscious trip planning, but why not fill your frugal traveling arsenal further? More is always better, is my motto!

My recent trip to Toronto was wonderful for a variety of reasons (have you ever tried a fried peameal bacon and egg sandwich? Heavenly!), but the most noteworthy aspect of this vacation was that the package cost slightly over $400, including the flight and a pretty darned luxurious hotel. If you want the tools to find similar unbelievable deals, here are five more tips for booking cheap vacation packages.

  1. Realize that you don’t have to be confined by the vacation package’s dates. It’s true that many companies that offer vacation packages can be pretty strict about date windows, but oftentimes you can simply book another room or get an extra rental date at a considerable savings if you negotiate a deal with the trip provider.
  2. Fly out of the biggest airports. The cheapest vacation packages generally fly out of major cities and use the largest airports – LAX, JFK, O’Hare – so if you want to fly out of a smaller airport, you may be charged extra.
  3. Flying out of a different city or country may be cheaper. You may not instinctively check the price of flights out of locations other than your home or destination, but I encourage you to do so. For example, at the time of this writing, a round-trip flight to Berlin from Miami is $899, but if you fly out of Chicago it is $499. If you’re a frequent traveler or have family living in a different city or country, you could schedule a vacation that corresponds with another trip.
  4. Sometimes upgrades save you money! If you’re traveling to an underserved region, you may want to splurge on the 5-star accommodations rather than accept the cheaper options. In some regions, the accommodations are sparse, and while you save money in the short term, you may have unforeseen expenditures when you discover that the shower in your hotel room is suspended over the living room.
  5. Use Reservations.com. Reservations.com is a vacation accommodation booking site that offers some of the best rates I’ve ever seen on any online trip planning platform. In addition to the unbeatable deals on hotels and vacation rentals, you have the option of signing up for RCLUB, which offers personal concierge service designed to enhance your travel experience. This option can help you navigate your vacation destination effectively, offering money-saving strategies and tips for making the most of your vacation.

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