Goodman Networks is a leading provider of end-to-end field services and last-mile technician solutions for some of the nation’s largest electronics retailers and manufacturers, staying at the forefront of their industry. As our society evolves, we become more and more reliant on our electronics and smart devices not just for creature comforts, but for our everyday vital needs as well.

TechDash™ is Goodman Networks’ new service brand that helps users with the installation and integration process, incorporating smart devices and other electronics into smart home networks for easy and effective use.

As of today, Goodman Networks employs over 2,000 field service professionals and remains one of the largest end-to-end field services solutions providers in the United States, and has been in operation since 2000. With over 1.0 million service calls in a variety of settings (homes, offices, and various network facilities included), Goodman Networks continues to stay at the forefront of its industry in part from its extensive suite of services that constantly evolve.

TechDash™ by Goodman Networks features:

  • Home Theater / Audio Visual
  • Home Security / Camera and Video Installation
  • Wifi / Networking
  • Lighting / Climate Control
  • IoT Devices
  • And More

Goodman Networks technicians are highly trained in a wide range of electronics, technologies, and products. Goodman Networks also offers integrated equipment delivery during installation, remote trouble-shooting if needed, not to mention ongoing support through their Network Operations Center (NOC).

”Knowledge and experience has always been a differentiator for us in terms of the level of support we can provide our customers… [and] consumer reliance on connected devices is at an all-time high,” says Chief Marketing Officer Scott Pickett.

Goodman Networks will continue to disrupt user frustration by providing unique end-to-end field services solutions and last-mile technicians solutions to electronics companies nationwide.