One of the best ways in which businesses large and small can advertise is through the use of social media marketing, specifically on channels such as Facebook and Instagram. The key reason behind this is because of the sheer volume of the market, with over 1 billion people using these social media platforms, and over 50% of them signing in daily. The Owen Group have helped us massively when it comes to putting together a social media marketing campaign and given the success we have had I wanted to share with you exactly why your business should be looking towards these platforms for advertising, beyond the volume of potential customers which you’ll find.

Target Your Efforts

One of the biggest draws of this type of advertising is the ability which businesses have when it comes to drilling down and targeting the demographics which their potential customers fall into. On Facebook for example you could target a male between the ages of 25-30, who enjoys sports. The social media platform will then aim your ads at their users who fit in with that criteria. This is a great way of boosting the success which you have from your ad campaigns and ensures that you don’t waste money on advertising to those who won’t be interested.


The reason why social media is so much more beneficial than many forms of digital advertising is that it gives you the chance to actively engage with those who are sharing and commenting on your ads. It is vital that businesses know how to gain trust and loyalty from their customers and one sure fire way to do that is by showing a human side of your business and engaging with them directly. This quite literally gives you the chance to speak to your customers.


Word of mouth still plays a huge role in advertising and when you share your ads on social media they can be easily shared giving you exponential reach. Let’s say that you advertise a new product for your business, many people will see this and think of someone who they know who would love it, they can share it with them very simply by adding that person’s name or handle, and all of a sudden you have reached a much wider audience than you thought.


This is a cost effective marketing solution which is available to every business regardless of budget. In fact there is nothing stopping a small business from using their social media page as a marketing tool, without paying anything at all. Naturally this will yield smaller results but it is still a great way to communicate their message to a huge volume of people. Budgets can be easily managed and you only pay what you can afford for your ads.

If you own a business, regardless of its size, you have to start looking at social media as a tool which can lead you to more success.