There’s no better positive health influence in your life than your children. Kids without even trying can get you to become healthier and live a longer life. Here are some of the ways that they do this and why you need to have them around.

They force you to get physical exercise

If you have children you know that one of the things that is so wonderful about them is that they never take no for an answer. You can tell them 100 times that they are not going to have ice cream after dinner, and as soon as the last bite of dinner is taken, your child will ask you when the ice cream will be served.

Although at times it can be very frustrating particularly if you are in the check out at the supermarket, it also has some wonderful benefits. NY based John Clemenza knows that children love to play and have physical exercise throughout the day. As importantly they love to involve you in their physical activities. For the majority of us who are too tired or lazy to consistently exercise this can be a wonderful push to consistently get your body moving.

You’ll find that your children will involve you and games and physical activities that you would never have considered partaking in on your own. And the best part is they will do it consistently, so you will consistently get the exercise you need to become and stay healthy.

They make you forget about your stressful problems

You may have had the worst work day of your life, only top by the worst traffic jams you’ve ever seen on your way home, only to find out that your wife is cooking something for dinner that you really don’t care for.

All of this overwhelms you as you sit down in your favorite chair hoping to get a minute to make sense of how they like this could possibly happen. As you were sitting there contemplating where you went wrong in your life, your son or daughter comes, sits in your lap, and tells you that he or she loves you. In that moment all of your problems dissolve away to nothingness and you are happy and stress-free.

Children have this wonderful ability to make us forget about whatever is ailing us and just focus on a good moment. They do this effortlessly and consistently and it is great reason to have children around.

They help you relieve anger and disappointment

If you ever want to relieve yourself of anger and disappointment, tell the story of whatever is bothering you to a kid. The cable consistently do two things; 1. Tell you that everything is going to be just fine. And 2. Tell you that whatever it is that’s bothering you is really not that bad.

These two answers might seem simple and even trite, but for some reason they take all the sting out of anger and disappointment when they are delivered to you by a kid. It is not that they don’t understand that you are angry or disappointed, it is just in their world those are moods that you find a solution for quickly so that they passed.

They also understand and no one really wants to be angry or disappointed so the quicker you’re out of those states of mine the better it is for everyone involved. Without carrying around all this disappointment anger you look better, feel better, and we’ll live longer.

If you are considering having a family and a kid or two, these are good reasons why that is a great decision for your health. The best part is that unlike a doctor visit, the solutions they provide are free, and they work no matter if you are in New York or Texas.