Keep Fido Healthy: How Do Dogs Get Sick?

With the coming cold season, more people rely on comfort from their pets to get them through. Did you know that 12.6 million homes in the United States got a new pet last year? Yet, how many of us think, can dogs get sick from humans?

The question of whether a dog’s immune system can outpace our own is not a new idea. But dogs do get ill on occasion. So, how do dogs get sick, and what can we do for our furry friends?

So, settle on the couch with a box of tissues and consider the possibility of a sick dog. Then, keep reading for a look at canine viruses and their causes.

What Are The Symptoms?

If you are wondering, can dogs get sick from humans? It is pretty rare. Contracting mumps or tuberculosis from humans is more likely, but these too are not reported often. 

Dogs show signs of colds that mimic our own, but it can be more severe if left unchecked. If a dog is sneezing or coughing for some time, it’s best to check with your vet. 

A runny nose or excess eye moisture can be signs of dog flu. However, if the animal experiences a lack of energy or appetite, it could be a symptom of more severe ailments.

A veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate medication if the symptoms persist. After a few days, your dog will likely feel fit as ever. 

How Do Dogs Get Sick?

There are breeds of dogs that are susceptible to different conditions as part of their DNA. But, for issues like a cold or kennel cough, contact with other dogs is the culprit. Your local vet is your best source for more information on common diseases.

Kennel cough gets its name from the place where dogs gather. So, pets that have more contact with other animals are more apt to get sicknesses. A dog coughing into the face of another is a common cause.

But again, in most cases, these ailments will run their course. If not, your vet is the best place to get answers to the problem. Most often, dogs survive the dog flu, much like we pass our own with time.

On the question, how often do dogs get sick? The answer depends on what we call sickness. For example, dogs will vomit when they ingest something that doesn’t agree with them. But afterward, the dog is generally back to its usual self.

Keeping Your Best Friend Healthy

When asking, ” How do dogs get sick” the basics of survival are as essential to dogs as they are to humans. A good diet and plenty of clean drinking water are the best prevention from having a sick dog.

Of course, when they get the exercise they need to stay healthy, dogs will be happier. And like us, exposure to extreme elements will also affect their immune system. So, keep your furry friend dry and safe.

Our dogs give us years of love and joy when we care for them like ourselves. So a vitamin program may help your dog stay healthier longer. And if this article perked you up, come back for more helpful insights.