An online reputation is something by which businesses can live and die and in the last few years the importance of having a positive online reputation is more important than it has ever been. As hard as it is to earn, a positive online rep can be damaged in no time at all and all it takes is a negative piece of content written about you online, a scathing review, a campaign from an angry ex-employee or a poorly thought out social media post, and that great rep that you have can be gone. If you have seen damage to your online reputation then it is essential that you place heavy focus on repairing it as soon as you possibly can, and here is how to go about it.


The best way to fix and maintain your online reputation without a shadow of a doubt is to spend some money and outsource this to a reputation management company. If you look at some of the reputation management consultant reviews which have been left, you will be able to see just how beneficial this service is to so many businesses around the world. These guys are specialists at what they do and they will ensure that your website, your social media profiles and the content that is produced relating to your business all work to improve your online reputation. If you can’t afford it then there are other ways, but this is the surefire way to make sure that you fix your online reputation for good.

Social Media

Social media is the key to both building and damaging your online reputation so if you are going about repairing your online reputation on your own, this is where to start. If your social media channel has been completely trashed then the best bet is to start from scratch, and ensure that the content being shared falls in line with your company values. Being honest is also a great way to repair relationships and if you have posted content which you shouldn’t have, it is a good idea to come clean to your followers.


Negative reviews happen, there is little that you can do to get away from this, especially given that it is easier for people to be negative online than positive. You may not be able to stop the reviews being left but you do have a right to reply and in doing this you can impact your online reputation a great deal. If someone has had a bad experience with you, get on the front foot and offer an apology, a reason why and some form of compensation. When potential customers look at these reviews they may notice that people have had bad experiences, but they will also see that you are taking ownership of them and looking to make things right, something which people respect.

Don’t let a poor reputation ruin your business.