One of the biggest challenges which most people face when it comes to starting their own business is getting the funding for it. Whilst this is not something which everyone has experience with the truth is that it is very easy to secure funding for a company, the hard part will be launching it and making it a success. I have a good friend who works for investment group Sertant Capital and he says that the manner in which people try to secure funding for their company is often strange, as if they are asking for a favor rather than investment. If you do have dreams of setting up your own company then here is how to go about it.


Sometimes a business may not need too much money to get off the ground and that is why crowdfunding can help. Crowdfunding is basically asking for support with new business idea from the public, and you can use a company like Kickstarter for this, tell your story and why you are looking for funding, and then see how much you can raise from public donations.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is a process which sees you sell off a stake in your company for a certain amount of money, and then they will use their money and their experience to help you and your business to find success. VCs are usually seen to invest in hot sectors such as tech, pharma or chemical, and if you have a start up within those sectors you may find that a VC is the perfect person who you need to launch your business and find success.

Bank Loan

Although there are more ways to secure funding now than there used to be, the traditional bank loan is still a very good option when you are looking to get the money to set up your own business. A bank loan will offer you favorable interest rates, they will support your business by dedicating a manager to it which can help you in terms of getting advice, and they will also be able to give you favorable rates on mortgages or other products which they may have that are  linked to your business.


Some people actually launch their very own business with savings that they have made and whilst this is the long route, it does ensure that you can get your business off the ground without any worries around paying someone back or the feeling of being in debt. Using your own money to launch a business will give you the financial freedom to not worry about who you owe when it comes to making financial decisions.

These are just a handful of examples which you can think about when it comes to securing funding for your business, which is far easier than so many people make it out to be. Go get that money and get your company off the ground.