In many parts of the world, there are people gifted for manufacturing technologies. Imagine the latest mobile phones, tablets, machines or electrical appliances and how they are so useful in daily life. It means that great minds are behind their creation! Here are some of the best designers in the tech world.

Sir Jonathan Ive

Discover one of the most famous tech designers in the world, Sir Jonathan Ive! He is one of the top designers at Apple who worked on many products like the iPod, iMac, MacBook and Apple Watch, amongst many others. He joined Apple as an official employee in 1992. Since then, he applied his genius to create several Apple products.

At college, he specialised in industrial design and got his first job in a design agency in London. A year later, he joined a startup called Tangerine, where he was introduced to Apple who was a client. He did not join Apple right away, but after some frustrations at Tangerine, Apple seemed to be the right choice. Since then, he worked on many iconic products, such as the iPod and iMac G3. He applied a clean and minimalistic style in his work, which quickly became his signature. He earned several rewards for his excellent work, like the Honorary D.S. (Doctor in Science) by the Oxford and Cambridge universities. Recently, he was also promoted to the position of Chief Design Officer at Apple.

Yves Behar

In 1967, a genius called Yves Behar was born! He studied drawing and industrial design at schools in Europe and USA. In his early career, he worked for Frog Design and Lunar Design in Silicon Valley. He also completed projects for popular brands like HP or Apple. Since he designed many types of technology products, he set up a company called Fuseproject.

Over the years, Fuseproject grew into a major industrial design company earning over 50 awards! It has various clients like museums, fashion brands and many more. Behar’s genius knows no bound as his works include eyewear, furniture and packaging. The main principles behind his work is sustainability and his aim is to create products for social good. Some of his popular works are the Up-Fitness Tracker, August Smart Lock, Jawbone headset and the Up wristband.

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Tiffani Jones Brown

Welcome to the world of social media with Tiffani Jones Brown! She is one of the rare women designers in the tech world. She is the Creative Director at Pinterest. But before Pinterest, she was content strategist at Facebook. So, what does her design work consists of? She crafts text which clearly communicates the intended message to the audience. She is also responsible for the voice and tone of Pinterest, be it error messages, help guides or terms of service.

Since it is rare to find women designers in the tech world, Tiffani’s work stands out. While other designers work with apps and software, she works with words. Her fascination with words have earned her great fame. Her presence in the tech world is an inspiration for more women to join the industry.

With such genius designers, the future of the manufacturing and tech industry is very bright.