The world of public relations is a cut and thrust one which requires people to be at the top of their game. This is a very rewarding career but one which requires a lot of hard work and a great ability to communicate and to be creative. A friend of mine works for Interdependence Public Relations, widely regarded as one of the best PR agencies in the country, and I was speaking to him recently to find out what it is like working in this industry and for this firm in particular. Wayne loves what he does and he was more than happy to talk to me about just what it is like working for one of the best PR firms in the country.


Although everyone is working towards the same goal this is a firm which has created a tough and competitive environment amongst its staff. It must be mentioned that this competition is very healthy and it ensures that every single member of staff is doing all that they can to be the best. When you have a company like this where each member of the team is busting a gut to be the best, the end result is that the clients get the very highest caliber of staff working on their business.

Pushing Boundaries

It is not just competitive here at Interdependence but also very challenging and staff members are constantly pushed to become the best that they can be. Wayne works in the creative department and he often talks about how his ideas are continuously rejected until he comes up with something truly special. In the early days of his time at the company he would get discouraged as a result of this but he quickly learned that all the company was doing is ensuring that he brought the very best of himself through his creations, which is why they would push back so hard.


Because of the fact that this company works with such a wide range of clients it gives the staff a wide variation of tasks and responsibilities which helps to keep things fresh. Obviously there will be some clients who the staff work with on a regular basis but there is also the chance to branch out and try new ideas and concepts with new clients in different industries.

Celebration of Success

Something which many businesses can be accused of is not celebrating success enough when it comes their way, Interdependence PR is not a firm which falls into this category however. Whilst they do push their staff hard and drive them to be the very best that they can be, they are always very quick to reward and celebrate success as a team and this is what keeps the workforce focused and driven.

Wayne loves both PR and this company and it is a position which he believes anyone who is interested in pubic relations should go after.