Seeing the damage humans have made to the environment, you become passionate about taking the right steps towards environmental protection. You join organizations aiming to save the environment. You also start the right steps at home. Your efforts might be small but are useful in saving the environment. If everyone does what you’re doing, it will mean a lot.

The problem is that you might realize that there are also a lot of people who don’t seem to care. They don’t only ignore the problem but aren’t taking any steps to help. Worse, they even believe otherwise. For them, global warming is a hoax, and we shouldn’t pay attention to it.

If you encounter these people and you feel like giving up, these are things you need to tell yourself.

Many people are taking action too

You might not see other people’s efforts, but there are a lot of them who are doing the right thing. In their respective communities, they take action. In short, you’re not alone in this battle. You need to think about them and how they keep the fire burning just like you.

News cycles don’t usually cover good news

It’s also easy to feel discouraged when you only read or hear negative news. The truth is that these issues aren’t too catchy. Hence, media outlets choose to ignore them. Even on social media, they don’t garner that much support. It’s the reason why you don’t hear a lot about the positive changes in society, and not because these things are non-existent. For instance, if you rarely hear about the ozone layer hole problem, it’s because the problem is almost over. We succeeded in this fight, and it shows our collective strength in fighting a crisis.

Children are taking steps

If you already heard about Greta Thunberg and her efforts to save the environment, it should give you hope. It means that children are taking the right steps, and they’re not giving up. They understand what’s going on, and they will continue the fight. It might be unfortunate that it takes children to do the right thing, but it should at least give you hope. It means that the future generation will continue the fight, and we can still overturn the damage done to the environment.

You can still do something 

If you feel tired of taking the right steps and you think you’re alone, you can inspire others to join you. Let them know about the efforts and make them realize that they can still change the reality. Instead of waiting for changes to happen or for people to change their views, you can start right now.

This effort to combat climate change might not succeed, but it doesn’t matter. The point is that you do your part, and you take steps to tell others to do the same.