How to Clean Spilled Tobacco E Liquid 

Vaping is something which people all over the world enjoy. One danger which this can present however, is the potential for breaking a cartridge which houses tobacco E liquid. The reason why this is a problem is that the product is sticky and messy, and it doesn’t always smell that great. The result of a spillage is not just that it stains clothing or person items, but also that the sticky liquid attracts all manner of dust and dirt particles in no time at all. If you don’t take action quickly then you can end up with stains, and perhaps even a vape pen which gets blocked up and fails to work. This of course isn’t what anyone wants, so it is important that you take action sooner rather than later. 

Let’s take a look at what you will need in order to clean up this kind of spillage. 

Using a Smart Product 

In terms of a cleaning solution there are two options here which you should be looking into. The first is some rubbing alcohol, which will help to breakdown the chemical makeup of the juice and make it less sticky. The second option if you do not have any alcohol is to mix 1 part bicarbonate of soda with 3 parts white vinegar. Either option is going to work well at removing the liquid with ease, and reducing the risk of it causing a stain. 

Application of the Cleaning Solution 

We don’t want to douse the liquid in the cleaning solution, as this could prove to cause problems with clothing or other items. The best course of action is to use a cotton swab, dip it into the solution and then use it to cover the vape juice which has been spilled. Once you have applied the cleaning solution make sure that you leave it for 10 or 15 minutes. This will help the acid in the vinegar or the alcohol, to really begin to cut through that sticky liquid. Once the solution has begun to dry, use a paper towel to pull away at any vape juice. After you have tried to get off as much as you can, go back to the beginning and start again. It may be that you need to follow this step two or three times to ensure that you have removed all of the spilled liquid. 

Cleaning the Pen 

The most expensive item for anyone who vapes is the pen which provides the power to burn the liquid. If liquids spills into the pen then this can cause mechanical issues. Should you have a spill like this then try to take off as many parts of the pen as possible and clean them in the same way as we have discussed. Additionally take a metal skewer and push it into the hole where the heat is produced. Do this gently so as not to damage any parts, and try to get as much liquid out as you possibly can. 

The key to making sure that there hasn’t been too much damage done, is to take action as soon as you have spotted a spillage.