Surprising Careers To Pursue With Your Bachelor's in Psychology

As you earn your bachelor’s degree in psychology, you most likely have a career in mind. Most likely, you are looking to become a counselor eventually. To become a counselor or therapist, you will need to pursue your master’s degree as well. Suppose that is not plausible immediately after receiving your undergraduate degree. In that case, you may want to consider these surprising careers you can pursue with your bachelor’s in psychology.  


It may surprise you to learn that many who have gotten their psychology degree through Grand Canyon University accreditation pursue a career in marketing. Those who study psychology are well suited for this career because of the various classes you are required to take, such as social psychology, research design, human behavior, and statistics. All of which can be useful in a marketing job. 


Some may believe that if you want to pursue journalism, you must have an English degree through Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals. The truth is that a psychology degree may give you an edge in a career like journalism or public relations. This is because, through your education, you have grown the ability to interpret various case studies and have excellent analytical skills that can help research intricate topics.

Law Enforcement

Another surprising career option if you have your bachelor’s in psychology is working in law enforcement. A primary skill necessary in law enforcement is a clear understanding of human behavior, which is learned in detail throughout your undergraduate studies. 

Human Resources

Finally, a more common choice for many with their bachelor’s in psychology is finding a job in human resources. Some even go into their undergraduate studies to work in HR. Many parts of HR require skills such as working with people and showing empathy that can only be gained through studying psychology. 

You can pursue many surprising careers with your bachelor’s in psychology, but these are the most popular choices.